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Would your church or group like a cost effective Good News for Yourtown website--a website designed to effectively communicate the gospel to your town or area?

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"Good News for Yourtown" website is a service of the "First Church of Yourtown" and is available to help improve the quality of everyday life—to enrich and enhance personal relationships ... to provide solutions for worry, stress, grief, depression, anger, resolving conflicts, living again after divorce ... and to discover God—without having to be "religious" ... and more ... all without charge. See the Site Map for details.

The Master Key for Effective Communiations and Opening Closed Minds  
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First Church of Yourtown   Rev. Joe Friendly

The World Is in His Hands He's Got the Whole World in His Hands

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Finding Peace With God

Find Peace With
God Without
to Be Religious


Is God Good ...
Is God Fair?

Jesus with the woman caught in adultery


Voice in the Night

It's a
God thing

Marvels of Creation Marvel's of creation

Passport for Heaven Passport for
Heaven ... Whatever
You Do, Don't Leave
Earth Without It
Winning Over Stress, Worry
and Life's
Winning over stress and worry

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